Buiyng and Selling Land
Over the years of business, Honest Estates has continued to have a strong and solid foundation for buying and selling land in Uganda. As one of the leading estate developers in Uganda, its guaranteed that the property you want to sell will be bought at the right price and within the right time. If you are looking for land or houses to buy as well, this is the right place to be.

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Planning and Surveying Land
Honest Estate Developers has a team of well qualified and professional surveyors who have mastered the art of surveying no matter the land terrain. Our 24/7 surveyors offer real time to answer all your surveying needs and alter on take a step furthur to recommend the proper type of property suitable for the surveyed land. At Honest Estate Developers, we are all about making the client satisfied and giving your investment a foundation.
Rennovation and Development
If you are thinking of renovation and the redevelopment of your properties then you at the right place. Here at Honest Estates, our wide range of specialities include the rehabilitation of properties until they are right for the market. Contact Us Now and find out more about this.
Letting and Property Management
Management and Letting of Properties has never been easier in Uganda. At Honest Estate Developers we make it possible for you to find the right property that fits your financial needs. We have a number of properties all across Uganda with good water and power supplies.